The Proficiency is the highest English language certificate you can obtain. It represents the level of language required by someone to study effectively in English at an advanced academic institution.

It has no expiry date

The holder of the Proficiency Certificate is eligible for the English Language Sufficiency Qualification granted by the Greek Ministry of Education.


Our students can select between private lessons or lessons in strictly regulated groups of 6 participants. Effective preparation is provided for all sections of the Proficiency Certificate. Our course caters to the potential weak areas of each individual student with the provision of extra work and practice.

Our experience has taught us that each individual student is unique. That is why we have devised our exclusive teaching system: Individual Tuition in Total Immersion. Working together, all our students start with the same syllabus, but this syllabus is then extended differently to meet the demands of each individual student. The aim for success in the Proficiency Examination is common among all candidates; the path that leads to that success is different for each student.

For the holders of a level B2 certificate, the preparation course for the Proficiency Certificate has a duration of one academic year.